Emotional Quotient vs Intelligence Quotient

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I had a good conversation with Jonny yesterday. He is one of our regular clients and the conversation started with him saying that he has noted that emotionally intelligent people are more successful than those who have high intelligence quotient. As I sat there waiting for him to finish a phone conversation that had interrupted us, [...]

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The Walking “Mad” Humans

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I never worry too much about those days when getting out of bed feels like climbing Mt.Kenya , or when i am in bed by 10pm and will toss around into the wee hours of the morning thinking about things and sometimes thinking about nothing or just staring at my phone, scrolling down things that dont [...]

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Forgiveness,Healing & Transformation

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What is forgiveness? Forgiveness Definition: Forgiveness is the principled decision to give up your justified right for revenge; it also requires the forgiver to recognize that the offender is “human like myself.” ( This definition was borrowed from the Community Tool Box by the University of Kansas) Categories Unilateral forgiveness ( One sided ) Bilateral forgiveness [...]

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Cancer happened and concluded & Time froze for a moment

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My beautiful sister, The peace in our family-A flower that God plucked way too soon.   Half term will never be the same after Feb 2019 when my sister Njeri decided to visit us in kilifi and with her, my brothers wife and her daughter tagged along.We had a quiet weekend at home and [...]

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For a very long time as i was growing up, I hoped that someone would see me, see what i have in me, appreciate it and give me a life time opportunity that would change my luck. I hoped that, just as i have seen on the media, my moment would come but it has been [...]

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A dream so real

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I light a candle and my heart jolts into a halt, Memories of your deep look through my eyes too fresh, Your tight grip around me so warm, Your presence fills the room, I can smell your cologne, I can smell your sweat, I can feel you breathing, I frantically turn around, Hoping to see you [...]

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My longings

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There was a time i longed for night fall, Longed for the darkness, The solitude that comes with it, I longed passionately for the day to end, For the clouds to fade as the crowds thinned, I longed for that moment when i could shut the world out and settle in my little self made world. [...]

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The sneaky paths of life

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She looked at the empty wall and could see right through it. Its like someone had built a secret maze and hidden it behind a layer of paint. There were layers and layers of thick walls, one corridor after the other and she followed the sneaky paths quietly. The silence was so loud it was deafening, [...]

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Focus, Its more sustainable

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We spend too much time focusing on the wrong things and the wrong people. Its a very frustrating process to watch the things you care about failing or the people you care about failing you. We work tirelessly to prove ourselves to prove ourselves in a relationship that is draining and prove ourselves in [...]

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He got me

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It hit me like it owned me, I landed with a thud, Hopefully nothing is broken, A bruise inside and some dirty clothes, Oh and a torn shoe in the process. The sun so hot, The sky so bright, As i rub my backside, I notice the beauty, Of nature around me, The sea and the [...]

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