Transformation Coaching

Are you ready to experience MORE of your greatness? Mwihaki Kahiga and her team will mentor and coach you to turn around your life or your businesses, enjoy higher incomes and experience better lifestyles.


Motivating the generations has created a forum for mentors and mentees to meet and be matched for a three months programme to help impact more people into greatness.

Motivating the Generation ®

Offers small business owners, managers and entrepreneurs a reliable, high-quality resource for business coaching and professional and management development on both a local and national scale.

Motivating the Generations® is an enterprise firm that helps small business owners, managers, and entrepreneurs with a reliable, resourceful, and high-skilled personal development coaching services to improve work performance, expand business growth, and develop tools to grow effectively.

Motivating the Generations® exists to nurture the human spirit through individualized conversation, and communal interactions to develop a world-class, team focused, servant leadership.

We aspire to become an incubator for identification, refinement, and deployment of exceptional leadership that will inform, redefine and equip people with tools to improve their socio-economic scope.

Motivating the Generations® platform offers:

  • World-class service with a servant heart

  • Balance with playfulness & creativity

  • Value: In every conversation, In every interaction

  • Teamwork honoring the dignity of the human spirit

  • Students of the world, through transformation and self-growth

  • Leaders serving leaders, inspiring success while achieving results